K'ril Tsutsaroth is a powerful boss capable of hitting up to 60 with his Melee attacks, 30 with his Magic attacks, and 49 with a Prayer-draining special attack that he occasionally uses against players who use Protect from Melee. K'ril's attacks are also capable of poisoning the player starting at 16 damage.

His bodyguards attack from all three sides of the Combat triangle: Balfrug Kreeyath uses accurate Magic attacks, Zakl'n Gritch uses accurate Ranged attacks, and Tstanon Karlak uses inaccurate Melee attacks.


The 40 Zamorak followers kill count is quite easy to achieve although it will take longer than Bandos. There are several tips to get a quick killcount: 

  • Main room: The place north and east of the rope are decent spots to gain killcount. Near the rope, werewolves, goraks, icefiendsimps and bloodvelds fight Saradominst Spiritual warriors and mages. The spiritual warriors and mages deal hefty damage to the Zamorakians, so you can simply tag them and let Saradomin's followers finish them off.
  • North of the rope is where Bandos and Zamorakian followers fight each other. Hobgoblins, ogres and goblins fight the hellhounds; vampires and werewolves and the hobgoblins are quite durable for their Combat level, and this should be taken note of when killing Zamorak followers.
  • In Zamorak's Fortress, there are four imp spawns that can be killed for a fairly fast rate. Spiritual mages can also be killed while waiting for the imps to respawn, requiring 83 Slayer. While the mages can provide dragon boots to turn the trip profitable if something goes wrong, since inventory space is needed, it is best to kill werewolves and spiritual warriors (68 Slayer) instead.


  • If on a slayer task, consider bringing along Arclight and a Dragon/Crystal halberd. On a task against demons, Arclight performs better than a tentacle whip, and you will be hitting very frequently (and often hard) with the slayer helm and arclight. It is also far easier and cheaper to maintain. The dragon/crystal halberd can make short work of K'ril if both hits manage to damage him hard enough. If inventory space is a concern, you can use Arclight's special attack instead to drain K'ril's stats.
    • If not on a slayer task, bring a Serpentine helm instead, since it will prevent K'ril from poisoning you.
  • Bring an Unholy blessing to save inventory space. Although it is rather expensive, you will not need to bring another Zamorak affiliated item to swap just for god protection while getting killcount.
  • Always keep spare Ecumenical keys on hand! Incase you die, you can bring the key along to get back to your grave quickly without having to get killcount. You can also use it to go straight into the boss room, however this is not recommended as Zamorakian killcount is rather easy to obtain, and if it is your last one, could be an issue if you die in the boss room.
  • When tanking, keep health above 70, as it is possible to get combo'ed out if K'ril performs his prayer smash attack and a minion manages to land a max hit on you.
    • If you need to eat while tanking, go under K'ril, that way, he will not get free swings at you while you are recovering health.
    • In addition, attack twice with your primary weapon, then go under him. If you do this right, you will delay K'ril's attacks, which will reduce the amount of damage he can deal to you.
  • Once K'ril dies, attack Zakl'n Gritch (ranged minion) first, as you will most likely be praying Magic, nullifying Balfrug Kreeyath's (magic minion) attacks. Zakl'n can hit harder then Tstanon Karlak (melee minion). Guthan's can be used to heal off them while K'ril is respawning, and prayer flicking is advised so that you can protect yourself from the minions' attacks while killing them. The minions also drop food in sets of 3 Tuna potatoes and 2 Sharks, which can help prolong trips.
    • Experienced players can prayer flick instead to prevent the minions from outright damaging you.

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