Karamja Jungle mine
Coordinate clue 04.00S 12.46E
Also known as? Nature Altar Mine
Location North of Shilo Village by Nature Altar
Members only? Yes
Rocks 1 Iron rock
1 Silver rock
1 Coal rock
2 Mithril rocks
2 Adamantite rocks
Monsters None
Requirements None
Nature altar location

The red circle indicates the Nature Altar, and the mine is north-west of it.


The Karamjan Jungle Mine is a mine located just north of Shilo Village. The mine features one each of iron, silver, and coal rocks and two each of mithril and adamantite ore rocks. The mine is also called the Nature Altar mine due to its close proximity to the altar.

Banking is quite difficult here. The nearest bank is Shilo Village, but players will have to walk in a huge semi-circle. Alternatively, players can bank in Edgeville via an Amulet of glory, run north to the Abyss in low-level Wilderness, enter the Nature Rift, exit the altar, and lastly, head a bit north-west to the mine. Another method of travel to here is Fairy ring code CKR.