King Black Dragon Lair
KBD Lair (interior)
Kingdom Wilderness
Main Music Attack 5
Levels 1
Strongest Monster King Black Dragon
Quests None
Inhabitants/Race Dragon

KBD Route KBD Lair

KBD Routes

KBD Lair

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The King Black Dragon Lair, abbreviated as the KBD lair, is a multi-combat area, allowing groups of players to fight him simultaneously. The lair can be accessed via a level 42 Wilderness dungeon near the Lava Maze. (WARNING: Watch out for PK'ers!) The dungeon may be accessed via a ladder in a fenced area on the west end of the Lava Maze containing four lesser demons. The ladder leads to an area with poison spiders, and a lever which will teleport the character to the King Black Dragon's lair. The lair itself isn't in the Wilderness, but players are in the Wilderness until they pull the lever. If a player gets teleblocked, they can't pull the lever. Players also do not need to leave via ladder, as teleporting can be used to exit the lair.

It is common to use the Wilderness Obelisks located throughout the Wilderness, which will teleport players randomly to other obelisks in various places within by activating them, one of them being in level 44 Wilderness at the Frozen Waste Plateau, and another one being found south of the Lava Maze, which are both right near the KBD lair.

It is worth noting that by using obelisks to traverse the Wilderness, you may come across PK'ers who could potentially kill, tele-block or poison you. This is especially notable at the obelisk near the Rogues' Castle, as the combat level range is great, and the Chaos Elemental occasionally wanders near Rogue's Castle. Since one of the obelisks is in deep Wilderness, it is very likely you may get poisoned by other players, as well as being teleblocked, preventing you from using the obelisks. Also, the Chaos Elemental can come close to the obelisk, so it is highly advised to turn off auto-retaliate when using the obelisks.


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