King Ulthas once ruled Ardougne, before it was divided in half. He was the father of King Lathas and King Tyras.

When King Arthur entered the world of RuneScape, he found that he required a castle or fortress to call his own. One such castle was found east of Seer's Village, but at the time it was owned by Lord Sinclair and his children, who were all very young at the time. King Ulthas and Lord Sinclair eventually decided that King Arthur's need of the castle was greater than the Sinclair family's, and so Lord Sinclair and his family left the castle and moved to Sinclair Mansion to the north (much to his children's displeasure). King Arthur claimed the castle and renamed it Camelot.

King Ulthas had two children, named Lathas and Tyras. They were both strong and noble boys, so King Ulthas had difficulty deciding which of the two would one day rule Kandarin. It was decided that they would rule Kandarin together.

King Ulthas was later killed in a hunting accident in the surrounding forests. King Lathas and King Tyras soon decided that they could not rule Ardougne together, and so the city was split into two halves.

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