King rat
King rat
Release date 28 November 2005 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Rat
Quest NPC? Ratcatchers
Location Varrock
Sells items? No
Gender Male
The master of all rats.
King rat chathead

The King rat is the last surviving rat in the warehouse in south-east Varrock after players poison the other rats during the Ratcatchers quest.

King rat battle

A player's hellcat in battle with the rat king.

It can only be fought by the player's kitten or cat. If the player asks their cat to be cautious, the cat will flee when half its hitpoints are left. If not, the cat will fight to its death. Players should be warned that if their cat dies, they have to get a new one from Gertrude.


  • The king rat has 10 hitpoints and can only hit cats for 1 damage. However, it can hit fairly accurately, and the damage adds up. The cat may also have low hitpoints if it is not fully grown.
  • Players can use raw or cooked fish on the hole in the wall to heal their cat. If the cat is still a kitten, it is recommended that players bring a full inventory of fish for the fight.
  • The king rat is much stronger than any other rat a kitten can currently attack, so it is recommended that players equip their Catspeak amulet and tell their cat to fight cautiously, allowing it to run away if it loses more than half of its hitpoints.
  • Overgrown cats CAN be used for this fight.

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