Location on World Map
Kourend Woodland
Unknown Land's End Hosidius House
Western Sea

Land's End is a small village in the south-western part of Zeah, south of the Kourend Woodland.

Places of interestEdit


There is a bank chest in Hugor's house as well as a deposit box just outside.

Fishing spotsEdit

There are fishing spots for small net, big net, cage and harpoon to catch most common fish up to sharks.


You can travel to Port Sarim or the Piscarilius House port by talking to Captain Magoro.

You can travel to Land's End by right-clicking on Veos found in Piscarilius.

Water sourceEdit

There is a water pump in the village.


There are 2 redberry bushes and 5 flax plants.

Lit candle, box trap, bird snare, crossbow and bones spawn in the village.



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