Law running is a method used by players who don't have the Runecrafting level needed to make law runes but wishes to stock on them and in a sense they would be "free"

The official world of Law running in Oldschool Runescape is world 341.

Law Running RequirementsEdit

  1. Death Plateau quest completed.
  2. Law talisman
  3. Pure Essence 27(minimum)*
  4. Achievement Diaries Lumbridge & Draynor medium completed. Access to market shortcut(not needed but preferred)**.

Under normal circumstances 27 pure essence is all you will ever need this is due to the fact runecrafters will trade you 27 law runes and 27 noted pure essence in exchange for yours. In rare cases they will not supply you with essence so its a good idea to have a stock of how many law runes you would like to have in the event this happens.

The market shortcut is not really needed but does make trips faster.

Law Running StepsEdit

  1. Begin at Draynor Village bank. Make sure you have nothing equipped.
  2. Withdraw your Law talisman & 27 pure essence.
  3. Run to the Entrana monks in Port Sarim
  4. If you have access to the market shortcut use it, if not proceed around the wall to the monks.
  5. Travel to Entrana on arrival head east from the docks and then north passing the altar.
  6. Cross the bridge and use your Law talisman on the ruins
  7. Find a runecrafter that has said "open" this signals he is free to trade a runner.
  8. Get the 27 law runes and noted pure essence and make your way back to Draynor Village bank.
  9. Rinse and repeat until you either have the amount of law runes you came to get, or in case you were not supplied with noted essence you exhaust your own supply.

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