Leather shields flyer detail

A leather shields flyer is a flyer obtained from the shield master in the Ranging Guild. It lists the materials required to craft each leather shield.


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Leather Shield Resource Guide

Leather Shield:
2x Oak logs, 2x Hard leather 15 Bronze nails.
Snakeskin Shield:
2x Willow logs, 2x Snake leather 15 Iron nails.
Green Dragonhide Shield:
2x Maple logs, 2x Green dragon leather 15 Steel nails.
Blue Dragonhide Shield:
2x Yew logs, 2x Blue dragon leather 15 Mithril nails.
Red Dragonhide Shield:
2x Magic logs, 2x Red dragon leather 15 Adamantite nails.
Black Dragonhide Shield:
2x Redwood logs, 2x Black dragon leather 15 Runite nails.