A Lever is a piece of interactive scenery that is used in RuneScape to activate something. This may be a method of transportation, for example the Ardougne teleport lever. Players can usually pull a lever simply by left-clicking on it (see Game controls).

The "lever" which most players are referring to when mentioning it in game is the Ardougne teleport lever, a common way to get in and out of deep wilderness quickly and relatively safely. There is a similar lever located in the mausoleum just south of the Edgeville bank that also leads to the Deserted Keep. There is another lever in the Deserted Keep; pulling that one will always teleport you to Ardougne.

Levers are also often used in quests, perhaps as a simple control on a machine, or on a wall. For example, Dealing with Scabaras has a collection of four rooms, each with a lever on the wall. In Ernest the Chicken, players must pull five levers in a specific order to obtain the oil can needed for the quest.

Also, a lever could be found in one of the ScapeRune random events. Players were instructed to pull a lever to find the shape of the balloon that they were supposed to pop and give the resulting key to Prison Pete. It took three successful attempts in a row for the player to complete the random event.

Members may also build a lever to activate the trapdoor in the Throne Room of their Player-owned house. This can be an oak lever at level 68 Construction, a teak lever at level 78 Construction, or a mahogany lever at level 88 Construction.

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