Quest Classification
1Novice Novice
2Intermediate Intermediate
3Experienced Experienced
4Master Master
5Grandmaster Grandmaster
6Special Special

There is a total of 49 intermediate quests, 48 members and 1 free-to-play, in Old School RuneScape. Completing all free-to-play novice quests provides a total of ## quest points. Completion of all the intermediate quests will reward the player a total of ## quest points.

Skill requirementsEdit

Levels required
to complete every quest
20 Attack-icon 10 Hitpoints-icon 42 Mining-icon
40 Strength-icon 32 Agility-icon 40 Smithing-icon
Defence-icon 31 Herblore-icon Fishing-icon
37 Ranged-icon 37 Thieving-icon 30 Cooking-icon
31 Prayer-icon 49 Crafting-icon 49 Firemaking-icon
46 Magic-icon 30 Fletching-icon 50 Woodcutting-icon
35 Runecrafting-icon 30 Slayer-icon 30 Farming-icon
34 Construction-icon 10 Hunter-icon 43 Quest

The quests requiring the highest skill level are:

List of questsEdit


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
The Knight's Sword Intermediate Medium 1 N/A


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Animal Magnetism Intermediate Medium 1 N/A
Another Slice of H.A.M. Intermediate Medium 1 N/A
Big Chompy Bird Hunting Intermediate Short 2 N/A
Bone Voyage Intermediate Short 1 N/A
Cold War Intermediate Medium 1 N/A
Creature of Fenkenstrain Intermediate Medium 2 N/A
Darkness of Hallowvale Intermediate Long 2 N/A
Death to the Dorgeshuun Intermediate Medium 1 N/A
The Digsite Intermediate Long 2 N/A
Elemental Workshop II Intermediate Medium 1 N/A
Enlightened Journey Intermediate Medium 1 N/A
The Eyes of Glouphrie Intermediate Medium 2 N/A
The Feud Intermediate Medium 1 N/A
Forgettable Tale... Intermediate Long 2 N/A
The Fremennik Trials Intermediate Long 3 N/A
Garden of Tranquillity Intermediate Long 2 N/A
The Giant Dwarf Intermediate Medium 2 N/A
The Golem Intermediate Medium 1 N/A
Ghosts Ahoy Intermediate Long 2 N/A
The Hand in the Sand Intermediate Medium 1 N/A
Holy Grail Intermediate Medium 2 N/A
Icthlarin's Little Helper Intermediate Medium 2 N/A
In Aid of the Myreque Intermediate Long 2 N/A
In Search of the Myreque Intermediate Short 2 N/A
The Lost Tribe Intermediate Medium 1 N/A
Making History Intermediate Medium 3 N/A
Merlin's Crystal Intermediate Medium 6 N/A
Mountain Daughter Intermediate Medium 2 N/A
My Arm's Big Adventure Intermediate Medium 1 N/A
Olaf's Quest Intermediate Short 1 N/A
Rag and Bone Man II Intermediate Long 1 N/A
Ratcatchers Intermediate Long 2 N/A
Scorpion Catcher Intermediate Medium 1 N/A
Sea Slug Intermediate Short 1 N/A
Shades of Mort'ton Intermediate Short 3 N/A
Shadow of the Storm Intermediate Medium 1 N/A
The Slug Menace Intermediate Long 1 N/A
Spirits of the Elid Intermediate Medium 2 N/A
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Intermediate Long 2 N/A
A Tail of Two Cats Intermediate Medium 2 N/A
Tears of Guthix Intermediate Short 1 N/A
The Tourist Trap Intermediate Medium 2 N/A
Tree Gnome Village Intermediate Medium 2 N/A
Tribal Totem Intermediate Short 1 N/A
Wanted! Intermediate Long 1 N/A
Watchtower Intermediate Long 4 N/A
Waterfall Quest Intermediate Medium 1 N/A
What Lies Below Intermediate Short 1 N/A
Witch's House Intermediate Short 4 N/A
Zogre Flesh Eaters Intermediate Long 1 N/A

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