Lithkren map
Location on World Map
Eastern Sea
Eastern Sea Lithkren Eastern Sea
Fossil Island

Lithkren is an island featured during Dragon Slayer II. 24 map pieces need to be found during the quest to create a map to travel to the island.

To get to Lithkren, players take a boat from Jardric, found near a transport symbol on the western shoreline of Fossil Island.

After the quest, players may re-enter the Vault to find that several adamant and rune dragons have taken up residence in the laboratory. Adamant dragons are found in the west while rune dragons are found in the east. Barriers separate the area, preventing the dragons from attacking you and vice versa.

North of the rune dragons lies another strange machine, which when a Digsite pendant is used on it, will allow all future digsite pendants to teleport the player straight to Lithkren.