Lizardman Caves
Lizardman Caves
Kingdom Great Kourend
Main Music March of the Shayzien
Levels One
Strongest Monster Lizardman shaman (level 150)
Quests No
Inhabitants/Race Lizardman, humans
Lizardman Caves map
Click the map to view a larger version.

The Lizardman Caves are a series of caves located at the north-west corner of the Lizardman Settlement. It is a single-combat area, but all eight of the shamans can only be killed while on a slayer task.

Players may enter without a slayer assignment, but upon attacking any monster inside the dungeon, Captain Cleive will stop them from doing so, claiming that they are not assigned to kill them.

According to Captain Cleive, there were lizardman shamans causing trouble on the surface, so he led a taskforce to drive them into the caves that they currently reside in, albeit with many casualties.


Lizardman Shaman location 2

From Xeric's Look out, follow the blue arrow to reach the shamans.

There are several ways to access the caves:

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