Isafdar mine
Isafdar mine
Also known as? Elven mine, Lletya mine
Location Isafdar
Members only? Yes
Rocks 4 adamantite
Monsters Rabbits
Requirements Underground Pass
Isafdar map

Isafdar mine is a mine found in Isafdar, fairly close to the entrance of the elven city of Lletya. The mine contains four adamantite rocks. Players can easily bank the ores if they have a Tiny elf crystal. This mining area is often very quiet and thus can make for a great mining spot, especially if you choose to world hop.

There are several dire wolves on the path to the mine. Before getting to the mine, a player must first pass by several traps, so come prepared. Note that turning run mode off increases the chance of success when passing a trap.

The following traps must be passed to reach the mine:

  1. Tripwire - You will be damaged and poisoned if this trap is failed. Regardless, you will make it past either way. This is a very hard trap to notice. Right-clicking is recommended to avoid accidentally walking over it. Antipoison is recommended!
  2. Leaves (Pit jump) - You will be damaged if this trap is failed. It may take more than one attempt.
  3. Sticks (Spike trap) - You will be damaged if this trap is failed. It often takes several attempts to succeed.