LongbowOak longbowWillow longbowMaple longbowYew longbowMagic longbow
Ammunition Arrows
Two handed? Yes
Speed Monster attack speed 4

Longbows can fire arrows at targets from a further distance than shortbows can, but they fire at a slower rate. They have exactly the same stats as the Shortbow, but cost more due to their greater attack range. They are not used often due to their slow speed, but are sometimes used to snipe enemies from a far distance. It is commonly used by archers who need to snipe their enemies (e.g. sniping a Lesser demon while camping behind a barricade far away) and can hit up to nine squares away, 10 when on the long range attack style.

Wood Ranged-icon level Fletching-icon level to make Highest arrow it can shoot
Longbow Longbow 1 10 Iron arrows
Oak longbow Oak longbow 5 25 Steel arrows
Willow longbow Willow longbow 20 40 Mithril arrows
Maple longbow Maple longbow 30 55 Adamant arrows
Yew longbow Yew longbow 40 70 Rune arrows
Magic longbow Magic longbow 50 85 Rune arrows

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