Lord Francis Kurt Handelmort is the wealthiest man in Ardougne and plays a background role in the Tribal Totem quest.

Although unseen in-game, he possesses great wealth, which is evident from his booby-trapped two-story mansion coupled with aggressive guard dogs, as well as a butler and gardener in his service.

However, his shadier activities remain unknown to public, such as stealing a revered artefact from a native tribe in Karamja.


  • In Runescape Classic, Lord Handelmort's middle name was Brad, but it was changed to Kurt in RuneScape 2.
  • His name may be a reference to Kurtz, the antagonist in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, the antagonist interfering with the original jungle inhabitants.
  • Lord Handelmort's name may be a reference to Lord Voldemort, the main antagonist in the Harry Potter books.

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