Lovakite mine
Lovakite mine
Location Lovakengj House, Great Kourend
Members only? Yes
Rocks 80 lovakite rocks, 45 coal rocks
Monsters None
Requirements None
Lovakite mine map

The lovakite mine is located in the northwestern section of the Lovakengj House in Great Kourend. Lovakite rocks are found here, which requires level 65 Mining and grants 10 Mining experience per lovakite ore mined. Coal rock deposits can be found here as well.

In order to mine within the lovakite mine, players need at least 30% favour with the Lovakengj House. A bank is available within the mine, making this mine one of the best places to mine coal, as it is very close to a bank.

Players may consider bringing nature runes and a fire (or any other staff that provides unlimited fire runes) to cast Superheat Item on the ores to get the bars, as there are plenty of coal within the mine as well. This may save players trouble of having to walk to the special furnace, which is far from the bank.

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