Lunar Isle mine
Lunar Isle Mine
Also known as? Lunar Mine
Location North-east Lunar Isle
Members only? Yes
Rocks 6 Silver rocks
7 Gold rocks
4 Gem rocks
Pure essence
Monsters None, but Suqahs are outside.
Requirements Lunar Diplomacy
Lunar Mine Lunar Isle map

The Lunar Isle Mine (also called the Lunar Mine) is located in the north-eastern part of Lunar Isle. It contains a pure essence rock in the centre. It also contains the only known place to mine Lunar ore, in addition to gem rocks just like in Shilo Village. Cyrisus can be found wounded in a nearby cave accessible through a crack, starting the Dream Mentor quest.



Suqahs can be found at the entrance outside the mine.


Cyrisus can be found before and during the Dream Mentor quest.