Magic Imbue enables the caster to craft combination runes without needing to use opposing talismans for about 12 seconds. The spell removes the requirement for a talisman to be present in the inventory at all; to craft combination runes after casting Magic Imbue, players must use the opposing runes on the Runecrafting altar. For example, to create lava runes at the earth altar, players would use fire runes on the altar after casting Magic Imbue. This spell can be only cast once about every 12.6 seconds.

Note: The spell does not increase the 50% chance of success when crafting combination runes. For a 100% chance of success, a binding necklace is still required

Combined with a steam battlestaff or mystic steam staff, Magic Imbue substantially reduces the cost and effort of crafting combination runes, as some talismans can be quite expensive. On a related note, the difficulty of crafting dust, smoke and mist runes is reduced, as it becomes economically viable to craft these runes at the air altar outside Falador, due to the proximity to a bank.

Magic Imbue can also be cast without being at an altar, and will still provide Magic experience. This can be useful if the player wishes to train Magic while training other skills such as Agility, Mining, or Hunter. A player can receive around 23k exp/hr simply by casting Magic Imbue over and over. It is recommended to use a staff for this method to save on elemental runes.

As with all Lunar Spells, the quest Lunar Diplomacy must be completed to cast this spell.


Spell cost
7Water rune7Fire rune2Astral rune346
Combo runes
7Fire rune2Astral rune7Mud rune1,473
7Water rune2Astral rune7Lava rune346
7Water rune2Astral rune7Smoke rune584
2Astral rune7Steam rune843
7Fire rune2Astral rune7Mist rune612
7Fire rune2Astral runeStaff of water311
2Astral runeMud battlestaffTome of fire276
7Fire rune2Astral runeMist battlestaff311
7Fire rune2Astral runeKodai wand311
7Water rune2Astral runeTome of fire311
7Fire rune2Astral runeMud battlestaff311
7Water rune2Astral runeLava battlestaff311
2Astral runeSteam battlestaff276
2Astral runeMist battlestaffTome of fire276
2Astral runeKodai wandTome of fire276
7Water rune2Astral runeStaff of fire311
7Water rune2Astral runeSmoke battlestaff311
2Astral runeStaff of waterTome of fire276


This spell's animation is similar to Bones to Bananas and Bones to Peaches.