This article is about the maximum hit with Magic. For other uses, see Maximum hit.
Staff of the dead equipped

The Staff of the dead gives a 15% boost to magic damage.

There are various methods by which players can increase their potential maximum Magic damage. The effects of most equipped items can be seen at the bottom of the stats window (labelled Magic damage: +x%).

Temporarily increasing your Magic level only increases your accuracy, but not damage (with the exception of Magic Dart, salamanders and the trident of the seas/swamp).

Damage-boosting equipmentEdit

Icon Equipment Damage boost Requirements to wear Shows in Stats Conditions/Notes
Ahrim's staff Ahrim's equipment 30% 70 Attack icon
70 Magic icon
70 Defence icon
No Only has a 25% chance to occur. Both the set and amulet must be worn to get the damage boost. Does not include staff's 5% damage bonus.
Amulet of the damned Amulet of the damned
Emerald bracelet Castle wars bracelet 20% None. No Only applies in Castle Wars against a bearer of a flag. Must be worn before the game starts, not during the game.
Tormented bracelet Tormented bracelet 5% 75 Hitpoints icon Yes None.
Staff of the dead Staff of the dead 15% 75 Attack icon
75 Magic icon
Yes Can also cast Slayer Dart and (auto)cast Flames of Zamorak and has a 12.5% chance of negating runes being used for that spell. Toxic version can inflict venom.
Toxic staff of the dead Toxic staff of the dead
Ancestral hat Ancestral hat 2%
75 Magic icon
65 Defence icon
Yes None.
Ancestral robe top Ancestral robe top
Ancestral robe bottom Ancestral robe bottom
Slayer helmet Slayer helmet (i) 15% 40 Multicombat
20 Strength icon
10 Defence icon
Yes Only works against monsters assigned as a Slayer assignment. Does not stack with salve amulet(ei).
Black mask Black mask (i) 40 Multicombat
20 Strength icon
Salve amulet (e) Salve amulet(ei) 20% Completion of Lair of Tarn Razorlor
Access to Nightmare Zone
Yes Only works against undead. Does not stack with Slayer helmet (i) or Black mask (i).
Occult necklace Occult necklace 10% 70 Magic icon Yes None.
Smoke battlestaff Smoke battlestaff 10% 30 Attack icon
30 Magic icon
No Only affects spells in the standard spellbook.
Chaos gauntlets Chaos gauntlets +3 Completion of Family Crest No Only affects Bolt spells.
Tome of fire Tome of fire 50% 50 Magic icon No Only affects Fire spells. Also provides unlimited fire runes.
Kodai wand Kodai wand 15% 75 Magic icon Yes Also has a 15% chance of negating runes being used for that spell and provides unlimited water runes.
Ahrim's staff Ahrim's staff 5% 70 Attack icon
70 Magic icon
Yes None.
Void mage helm Elite Void Knight equipment 2.5% Completion of Hard Western Provinces Diary
42 Attack icon
42 Strength icon
42 Defence icon
42 Magic icon
42 Hitpoints icon
42 Ranged icon
22 Prayer icon
No Also increases magic accuracy by 45%.
Imbued saradomin cape Imbued god capes 2% Completion of The Mage Arena II Yes None.
  • It is important to note that items with a magic attack bonus such as the Ahrim's hood does not boost your max hit, just your accuracy. Similarly, items with a magic defence bonus, such as the black d'hide body don't affect the maximum damage you will take from spells, just your opponent's accuracy.
  • Prayers such as Mystic Will, Mystic Might and Augury only increase accuracy, not max hit.

Special circumstancesEdit


Charge is a spell which temporarily increases the maximum damage of the three God spells by 10 (providing the player is wearing the corresponding god cape). The spell requires a Magic level of 80.

Magic DartEdit

Magic Dart is a spell that increases in damage the higher the player's Magic level is. At 50, the base maximum hit is 15 and at 99 it is 19 (20 if boosts are used). However, it can only be cast by a Slayer's staff, its enchanted version or a (Toxic) staff of the dead.

The damage is significantly increased if an enchanted Slayer's staff is used to cast the spell while on task. At 75 (the minimum to wield the enchanted staff), the base maximum hit is 25, and at 99 it is 29, up to 31 if an imbued heart boosts from 99 to 108.


Salamanders can be used to attack using Magic. The maximum hit increases with the player's Magic level. Black salamanders, the strongest salamander, has a base maximum hit of 17 at 70, and at 99 it is 24, up to 27 if an imbued heart boosts from 99 to 108.

Trident of the seas/swampEdit

Tridents work differently to other staves. The damage is dependent on the player's Magic level, like Magic Dart.

At level 75 Magic, the base damage is 20, this increases up to 28 at level 99 (29 if boosted). Likewise, stat-reductions will lower the damage, but the minimum max hit will never fall below 20; even if the player's Magic level is reduced below 75.

The table below assumes you are only using the trident without any Magic damage bonuses.

Magic icon Magic levels Maximum hit[1]
75-77 20
78-80 21
81-83 22
84-86 23
87-89 24
90-92 25
93-95 26
96-98 27
99-101 28
102-104 29
105-107 30
108+ 31
  1. Using a trident of the swamp increases the damage by +3.

Maximum Magic hitEdit

  • The maximum total theoretical damage from one spell is 368, achieved by hitting nine targets with Ice Barrage for 48 damage to the flag bearer and surrounding players for 40 damage each during a Castle Wars game.