Dragon Slayer II login screen

The current main menu

The Main Menu can be accessed by selecting "Free player? Play Now!" or "Member? Play Now!" from the Old School RuneScape homepage. Once it has loaded, the main menu will appear. You can login to the game from the main menu or create a new account. You can also adjust the volume straight from the main menu as well as switching between worlds.

Old features included a quick switch between Standard Detail and High Detail, toggling the animated background directly from the Main Menu and a small comparison of free and members gameplay.


New UserEdit

This is the first option on the main menu. Clicking this option will direct you to the main create-an-account page on the main RuneScape website.

Existing UserEdit

This is the second option on the main menu. Clicking this option will prompt you to enter your RuneScape username and password, in order to play the game.

Forgotten PasswordEdit

Accessed by typing in at minimum one's username or email. Opens the appeal page that asks for recovery information.

World SelectEdit

At the bottom-left of the main menu shows the current selected world that the player will login to. It can be changed by clicking it, which will then show all available free-to-play and members worlds along with the amount of players in each world.


At the bottom-right of the main menu shows whether the background music is either on or muted. It can be toggled by simply left-clicking.



  • Occasionally the flames from sconces form shapes related to RuneScape, such as runes, the skull and crossbones indicating that the player is in the Wilderness, and the overhead skull.

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