Marim is a village on Ape Atoll, inhabited by various monkeys who are ruled over by King Awowogei. It is only accessible to players who have partially or fully completed the Monkey Madness I quest, and most of the quest takes place there. The village is most likely named after Marimbo, the monkey god. There are various shops and stalls around the village, including one of the only places that sell Dragon scimitars. At the south of Marim is the Ape Atoll Agility Course, which can only be used in ninja monkey form.

Marim is very dangerous to low-levelled players because of the aggressive, poisonous scorpions crawling around. There are also monkey archers situated at various locations that will shoot players if they see them, dealing high damage. However, players will be safe if they are wielding a Greegree. That said, the entire island is extremely volatile to most players if they are not using a greegree, though players that have completed Monkey Madness II will not be attacked.

Marim is a prime location for people wishing to train Strength, due to the fact that there is an altar in close proximity to Monkey Guards, allowing the use of higher level prayers without the need for prayer potions meaning a player can stay for long periods of time without the need of food. The Monkey Guards also regenerate health quite quickly and respawn relatively fast, allowing for very fast experience at higher levels. This method of training strength is especially useful using the Dharok's set, because players can remain low health with minimal fear of dying. This does however have its own problems, the small spiders near the altar can poison which can lead to deaths of players remaining at low health. Alternatively, a prayer book may be in the inventory and can heal poison infinitely at the expense of prayer points which can be restored at the altar.

Location on World Map
Kharazi Jungle
Unknown Marim Crash Island
Void Knights' Outpost

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