Martin Thwait's Lost and Found is a general store owned by Martin Thwait in the Rogues' Den, which is located under the Toad and Chicken Inn in Burthorpe. It cannot be accessed without 50 Thieving and 50 Agility, or 99 Thieving (boosts do not work). It sells basic thieving equipment, as well as low level claws and throwing knives.

This shop will sell the Thieving cape to players who have level 99 Thieving.

This shop buys items at high alchemy price initially (the first item you sell), unlike regular general stores that buy items at low alchemy price initially.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Rope Rope 50 18 10 65
Lockpick Lockpick 25 20 12 167
Chisel Chisel 30 1 0 81
Knife Knife 20 6 3 82
Stethoscope Stethoscope 25 10 Not sold Not sold
Bronze knife Bronze knife 15 1 0 33
Iron knife Iron knife 10 3 1 46
Steel knife Steel knife 5 11 6 57
Bronze claws Bronze claws 3 15 9 13
Iron claws Iron claws 2 50 30 361
Steel claws Steel claws 1 175 105 17
Thieving cape Thieving cape 1 99,000 Not sold Not sold

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