This article is about maximum melee hit. For other uses, see Maximum hit.

Maximum melee hit is the maximum damage a player can deal in a melee combat. It is affected by player's strength, equipment and other bonuses such as prayer, passive effects or potions.

Calculating your maximum melee hitEdit

Note: The trunc (truncate) function is used throughout the formula - this simply means ignore any decimal places of the number being truncated.

Step one: Calculate the effective strengthEdit

Effective\ Strength=trunc((Strength\ Level+PotionBonus)\times Prayer\ Bonus\times Other\ Bonus)+Style\ Bonus

See the following table for the various bonuses values:

Condition Bonus/Multiplier
Potion (note: addition not multiplier)
Strength potion 3 + floor(10% of level)
Super strength potion 5 + floor(15% of level)
Zamorak brew 2 + floor(12% of level)
Dragon battleaxe special attack 10 + floor(.25*(floor(floor(10% magic) + floor(10% range) + floor(10% defence) + floor(10% attack))))
Burst of Strength 1.05
Superhuman Strength 1.1
Ultimate Strength 1.15
Chivalry 1.18
Piety 1.23
Void melee armour 1.1
Black mask/Slayer helm (slayer tasks) 1.1\overline{6} (7/6)
Salve amulet (undead) 1.15
Salve amulet (e) (undead) 1.2
Style (note: addition not multiplier)
Aggressive 3
Controlled 1
Accurate/Defensive 0

Remember that if you use the Dragon battleaxe special attack you cannot use another special attack right after unless the recover special attack potion is used or a person casts share energy upon you. Also note that the dragon battleaxe special attack raises your strength depending on the other levels.

Step two: Calculate the base damageEdit

Base\ Damage=1.3+\frac{Effective\ Strength}{10}+\frac{Strength\ Bonus}{80}+\frac{Effective\ Strength\times Strength\ Bonus}{640}

If you are not using a special attack or effect:

Max\ Hit=trunc(Base\ Damage)

Otherwise, continue to step three.

Step three: Calculate the bonus damageEdit

Max\ Hit=floor(Base\ Damage\times Special\ Bonus)

The following special attack/effect bonuses apply:

Attack/Effect Multiplier
Special attacks
Armadyl godsword 1.375
Bandos godsword 1.21
Saradomin or Zamorak godsword 1.1
Dragon dagger 1.15 + 1.15
Dragon halberd or Crystal halberd 1.1
Dragon longsword 1.15
Dragon mace 1.5
Dragon warhammer 1.5
Rune claws 1.1
Abyssal dagger 0.85
Abyssal bludgeon 1.0 + 0.005 x (Prayer points missing)
Saradomin's blessed sword 1.25
Passive effects
Dharok the Wretched's equipment 1.0 + 0.01 * (Hitpoints missing)
Berserker necklace, Obsidian armour (helmet, platebody, platelegs), Obsidian weapon 1.3
Castlewar brace 1.2
Special cases

The Keris's maximum hits (against kalphites or scarabites) is as follows:

Max\ Hit_{Keris,\ normal}=floor(Base\ Damage\times 1.25)

Max\ Hit_{Keris,\ critical}=floor(Base\ Damage)\times 3

This results in the maximum possible hit (outside of certain parts of quests) of 126 - using Keris, a player with 99 strength can hit up to 126 on assigned Kalphites, using the best strength equipment, the Piety prayer, a black mask , and drinking a super strength potion.

The Saradomin sword's special attack hit up to an extra 15 magic-based damage:

Max\ Hit_{Saradomin\ sword}=floor(Base\ Damage)+15

During quests/minigamesEdit

In the Dungeon of Tolna during A Soul's Bane quest, players could hit up to 200 on monsters in the rage room, however that damage is simply a player's normal damage times twenty, and doesn't give any experience.

In the Barbarian Assault minigame you can hit a possible of your max hit +5 if your attacker level is 5 on the penance rangers and fighters.

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