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Meiyerditch is Morytania's largest city, and it is also the home of Morytania's ruling family, making it the capital of Morytania. On the world map, Meiyerditch is currently the largest city in RuneScape.

Meiyerditch first arrival

Arriving in Meiyerditch.

Getting to Meiyerditch Edit

Players may reach Meiyerditch by boarding the boat south of Burgh de Rott, on the eastern dock.

If a player plans to come to this city, the player must begin the Darkness of Hallowvale quest. The first thing any adventurer will notice is that Meiyerditch is patrolled by the invincible Vyrewatch. There is no way of killing them, so it is not advised to attack them. If they ask for a blood tithe, do not give it to them if you don't want to lose 6 of your lifepoints and try to distract them instead based on Thieving level (i.e. the higher the level, the less chance of failing). If this fails, the player will be forced to give a blood tithe taking 6 damage. After some time into the Darkness of Hallowvale, the player will have another option of being sent to the mines instead of taking a blood tithe.

Once into the main part of the city, the player will be greeted by Meiyerditch's citizens, children, stray dogs, and cats. Also, to greet the player are level 46 Vampyre Juveniles, but they are non-aggressive.

To Do's Edit

The city is in ruin, which makes for good moderate level Agility training. Meiyerditch is essentially a highly populated Agility course if the player is doing Darkness of Hallowvale and is at the Agility section of navigating through the city.

The Daeyalt ore mines may be accessed either through attracting a Vyrewatch's attention and then asking to be sent to the mines, or going to the northeastern-most part of the city. These ores may be mined giving 17 experience each. However, the ores cannot be sold and cannot be smelted.

Meiyerditch has one lone shop down in the southwestern part of town where Trader Sven lives. He can sell you vyrewatch clothing, which for the whole set costs 1950 coins, or citizen clothing, which can be bought for 6 coins.

Meiyerditch is also where the player does a large part of Darkness of Hallowvale. The Myreque (Sanguinesti Order) base is found in a hidden trapdoor in the city.

Figures of Town Edit

Daeyalt Mines

The Daeyalt Mines.

Music Unlocked Edit

  • The Last Shanty
  • Lament of Meiyerditch
  • Night of the Vampyre
Meiyerditch mine shaft

The large mine shaft near Castle Drakan.

Quests Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It's possible for the Vyrewatch to land on nothing when taking an interest in a player.

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