This article is about the random event. For the NPC, see Mime (NPC).
The Mime is a random event in which the Mysterious Old Man suddenly teleports players to the mime artist's stage. The player must copy the mime's actions to complete the event. The mime will play one of the 8 emotes (Laugh, Cry, Dance, Climb Rope, Lean, Glass Box and Glass Wall) that the player will need to copy. If the player gets it right, they will Cheer, and If wrong, the player will Cry

The chatbox as needed to perform the emotes

Once the player has completed the event, they will be returned to the place they were before and will be rewarded with either one or two pieces of the Mime outfit or one or more of the four mime emotes. If the player already has all of these, they will be rewarded with 500 coins instead. 

If the player looks to the audience, they will see three strange watchers who seem to represent the three main gods: Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak.

This random event can occur while training Mining, Magic, Fishing, Thieving and Woodcutting; players may also encounter the Mime random event fairly often while balancing kegs in the Warriors' Guild, keg balancing is a lesser known strength training minigame popular only among pure accounts trying to keep their hitpoints level low typically for F2P multi pking with a team. Once you only need 1 piece/emote left the odds of getting a mime random from the Mysterious Old Man drop significantly.


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