Miner (Motherlode Mine)
Release date 24 April 2014 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Dwarf
Quest NPC? No
Location Motherlode Mine
Sells items? No
Gender Male

Miners are NPC that are located throughout the Motherlode Mine. Eleven are found throughout the mine, and their appearance and examine text varies from dwarf to dwarf.

Examine textsEdit

  • He became a miner after his agoraphobia stopped him doing Sailing.
  • Professional miners don't actually whistle while they work.
  • M C Pickaxe in da house!
  • He applied to be the Drunken Dwarf, but failed the intelligence test.
  • He's supporting 3 small children. Very small children.
  • Secretly, he'd like to rescue princesses and eat mushrooms.
  • I mine in ma' mine, where I mine all da time...
  •' da whole place is mine, from da rocks to da slime!
  • He could have been a great ballet dancer if they'd let him try...
  • Mine mine mine mine MINE!
  • Mine mine mine mine HIS!


  • When you examine a miner to the north-east inside Motherlode Mine, it will say: "Secretly, he'd like to save princesses and eat mushrooms", which is a reference to the popular Nintendo game Super Mario Bros.
  • The examine text "He could have been a great ballet dancer if they'd let him try..." is likely a reference to the famous British movie Billy Elliot.
  • When you examine one of the miners on the upper level, it says "M C Pickaxe in da house!" which is most likely a reference to a popular rap artist, MC Hammer.
  • When you examine some miners, it will say: "Professional miners don't actually whistle while they work". This is a reference to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, where they whistle and sing while mining.
  • When a miner is struck by a rockfall he will scream "Ow!", but will take no damage.

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