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Minigames are small games in which a player (or players) set out to complete a certain objective. These games sometimes allow players to gain experience and items. They are identified with a red star Minigame icon icon on the map. Minigames can be repeated, unlike quests or miniquests which can only be completed once. In the Mage Arena minigame, Kolodion cannot be refought after defeating his fourth form, but the arena itself can still be used afterwards.

All the minigames currently available in Old School RuneScape are listed below, each with a short description and a link to the main article.

Minigame Group FinderEdit

Main article: Minigame Group Finder
The Minigame Group Finder
Minigame Group Finder

The Minigame Group Finder interface.

can be found under the Quest interface. Select the desired minigame from the drop down menu and players will be entered into a chat channel to help you find other players. Players cannot be in two chat channels at the same time, so joining the minigame chat channel will automatically remove you from any channel you were previously in.

The Group Finder can also teleport you to the minigames location (provided you meet the requirements to access it). This teleport does not use the same cooldown timer as the home teleport spell and cannot be cast from PVP worlds, the Wilderness, or the Duel Arena.


Minigames are classified as either Safe or Dangerous depending on whether items are or are not kept on death.


There are two types of safe minigame: safe combat, and no combat. Minigames with safe combat will see players fight monsters or other players, and if/when they die they will respawn in a designated area in the minigame with all their items. Minigames with no combat have no monsters or player-versus-player areas, so players cannot be killed - however, if players are poisoned outside the minigame area, and then do not cure themselves when entering the area, they can still die from the poison. Some minigames can also be dangerous while travelling to it, while safe inside.


Items will be lost upon death. Regular death mechanics will apply. Minigames aren't instanced so you will have one hour to get your items back considering you're in the same world where you died.

Player versus player/monsterEdit

These minigames involve the use of combat skills to fight players or monsters.

Icon Name Minigame classification Description
Mg barbassault Barbarian Assault Safe A team of five fights waves of penance creatures and the penance queen.
Mg barrows Barrows Dangerous Fight the six Barrows Brothers to earn Barrows equipment.
Mg templetrekking Burgh de Rott Ramble (reverse route of Temple Trekking) Dangerous A game where you guide potential Myreque recruits from Paterdomus to Burgh de Rott.
Mg castlewars Castle Wars Safe A competitive game of Capture the Flag in which two teams try to bring the opponent's flag back to their base.
Mg champchallenge Champions' Challenge Dangerous Fight creatures of 10 races to have a chance at being challenged by their champions. Defeating the human champion proclaims players as champion of champions.
Mg duelarena Duel Arena Safe, although items can be lost if the player chooses to stake. Players duel each other, with the ability to set special rules. One of the five free play minigames.
Mg magearena Mage Arena Dangerous Battle Kolodion for the right to learn God spells.
Nightmarezoneicon Nightmare Zone Safe Partake in "dreams" to fight bosses previously defeated in quests.
Mg pestcontrol Pest Control Safe A team combat minigame which involves protecting a vulnerable Void Knight, while fending off against waves of incoming monsters and taking down four portals.
Mg templetrekking Temple Trekking (reverse route of Burgh de Rott Ramble) Dangerous A game where players have to guide refugees from Burgh de Rott to Paterdomus for rewards.
Mg tzhaarfightcave TzHaar Fight Cave Safe Players fight alone against an army of TzHaar monsters. If they can defeat TzTok-Jad, they gain the sought-after fire cape. Tokkul is also awarded.
Mg tzhaarfightpit TzHaar Fight Pit Safe Players fight in a safe pit of combat in a free-for-all environment, last man standing gains a tokkul reward.
Placeholder Last Man Standing Safe/Dangerous Players fight for survival on an island with nothing but resources found on the island.
The Inferno newspost Inferno Safe Players battle an onslaught of enemies, making their way to defeat TzKal-Zuk.


These minigames focus on certain skills to achieve a goal.

Icon Name Minigame classification Skill(s) Description
Mg blastfurnace Blast Furnace Low danger from heat pump damage if done incorrectly. Smithing, Strength,Agility, Crafting Players work together to keep the furnace running. The furnace halves the amount of coal needed to produce a bar when smelting.
Mg brimhaven Brimhaven Agility Arena Dangerous Agility A Medium level Agility course for players. Pillars dispense tickets which can be traded in for rewards.
Mg fishingtrawler Fishing Trawler Safe Fishing Players work together to keep a boat afloat while keeping nets fixed in order to catch as many fish as possible.
Mg gnomeball Gnome Ball Dangerous (players may take a small amount of damage that could result in death) Agility, Ranged A minigame where players try to pass and charge with a small ball towards a hoop to score a goal, while the defending gnomes attempt to tackle them.
Mg gnomerestaurant Gnome Restaurant Safe (Possibly involves travel past aggressive monsters.) Cooking Players deliver food to customers gnomes within a time limit, gaining unique food rewards.
Mg impetuousimpulses Impetuous Impulses Depends on area Hunter A minigame where implings are hunted and trapped in magical jars. Rewards vary from a chisel to pieces of dragon arrows.
Mg magetraining Mage Training Arena Safe Magic A minigame composed of four separate "sub-minigames". The rewards are pizazz points, exchangeable for abilities such as the Bones to Peaches spell, or items such as runes or infinity robes.
Mg pyramidplunder Pyramid Plunder Dangerous Thieving Advance through 8 rooms, avoiding traps, and defending yourself from the pyramid's inhabitants in an attempt to loot treasure.
Mg ranging Ranging Guild Safe Ranged A way to train Ranged which can be profitable. Players may exchange tickets earned as rewards for items, such as rune arrows.
Mg roguesden Rogues' Den Safe Agility, Thieving Players show their deft abilities as they navigate this tricky maze filled with traps and obstacles. Depending on success, players can earn fair amounts of Agility and Thieving experience, as well as rogue armour, displaying their experienced skills.
Mg sorceressesgarden Sorceress's Garden Safe Thieving, Farming Players attempt to sneak around watchful elementals guarding their gardens to pick Sq'irk fruits or herbs.
Mg troublebrewing Trouble Brewing Safe (Involves travelling past aggressive monsters.) Multiple skills Two teams compete as each try to brew the most bottles of 'rum'. Experience in a variety of skills can be earned for performing the many tasks needed in the process of 'rum' production.
Volcanic Mine Dangerous Mining Mining as many ore fragments as possible before the volcano eventually erupts.

Combat skillingEdit

These minigames feature both combat and the use of skills.

Icon Name Minigame classification Skill(s) Description
Mg shadesofmortton Shades of Mort'ton Dangerous Crafting, Firemaking, and combat. Build up a temple and defend it from attacking shades, and venture into the shady catacombs beneath Mort'ton, reaping the monetary gains.
Mg taibwo Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup Dangerous Woodcutting and combat Players help clean up the village of Tai Bwo Wannai, while encountering monsters, earning the village currency of trading sticks as reward.


Other minigames that can be played and do not fit into the above categories.

Icon Name Minigame Classification Description
Mg gamesroom Burthorpe Games Room Safe A room where players can compete in various board games.
Mg ratpits Rat Pits Dangerous to the life of the cat, not to the life of the player Players can train their cats to be a wily cat in these arenas of battle between cats and mice.
Mg roguetrader Rogue Trader Safe (Death is possible travelling into the desert.) Players barter with Ali Morrisane. The rewards include less expensive runes, clothes, and blackjacks.
Mg tearsofguthix Tears of Guthix Safe Collect the tears of the god of balance in a sacred cave guarded by his faithful Guardian of Guthix, Juna. The tears improve a player's experience in their lowest skill. You can only do this minigame once a week.
Mg treasuretrails Treasure Trails Dangerous (certain clues can spawn aggressive wizards) Players follow cryptic clues on wild chases to obtain valuable rewards. Rewards include runes, god pages, trimmed armour, third-age equipment, and much more!