Kingdom of Misthalin
Varrock east entrance
Capital Varrock
Leader King Roald
Members Only No
No. of Banks 9
No. of Altars 5
Guilds Champions' Guild, Cooks' Guild
Peaks None
Inhabitants/Race Human, Goblin
Misthalin map
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Location on World Map
Asgarnia Misthalin Morytania
Kharidian Desert

Misthalin is a major kingdom within Gielinor, and is currently ruled by King Roald III and Queen Ellamaria. Misthalin is the most powerful human nation and by far the oldest, having existed prominently since the late Fourth Age, and its capital, Varrock, having existed in some form since soon after the end of the God Wars. It is divided in half by the River Lum, and its eastern border with Morytania is the River Salve.

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