Release date 7 January 2016 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Corporeal soul
Quest NPC? No
Location Arceuus House church
Sells items? No
Gender Female
A priest of the House of Arceuus.
Mofina location
Logosia chathead

Mofina is priest of the Arceuus House, found on the top floor of the house's church. Players who speak to her will learn that the Arceuus House's church is used for meditation for the mysteries of the Dark altar, rather than a church used for worshiping gods. However, players may pray at the altar to restore their prayer points.

In addition, she will also explain how the inhabitants of the Arceuus House appear spiritual and inhuman. Through the power of the Dark altar, they are able to achieve immortality by moving their soul from their mortal body into a corporeal one. Their souls are freed from the mortal bodies in the crypt below the church, and take on the corporeal form commonly seen among Arceuus House residents.

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