The Mogre Camp can only be accessed during and after saving Pirate Pete for Recipe for Disaster. You will require a Fishbowl helmet and a Diving apparatus to enter, as well as low weight. Speak to Murphy at Port Khazard to go diving. The Brine sabre's special attacks could also be used down here.

Mogre Camp Map

The Mogre Camp.

Kelp, which can be used to make soda ash in the same way as seaweed and swamp weed, also grows here. Kelp must be turned into soda ash to be used with lunar magic spell Superglass Make.



Mogre camp

The Mogres swim near the Mogre's crab pen.


A large coral reef grows in the centre of the Mogre Camp.

Fish SpeciesEdit

The nature of the Southern Sea in which the Mogre Camp exists has allowed for a large array of fish to inhabit the area. They cannot be caught, but can be seen swimming amongst the coral. The following species have been identified:

  • Harlequin Fish
  • Red Fantail
  • Paradise Fish
  • Pearl Danio
  • Discus Fish
  • Black Moor Fantail
  • Angel Fish
  • Neon Tetra


  • It is possible for players to get random events while underwater. Events such as the Drunken Dwarf would have a diving apparatus on, and the Swarm event's description would change from "A swarm of vicious insects!" to "A swarm of vicious plankton!".
  • It is possible to fight other players underwater if on a PVP world.

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