Casting Superglass Make
Profit Superglass Make
152,900 per hour
Skill requirements

77 Magic icon

Item requirements
Quest requirements Inputs

4,680 x Bucket of sand (294,840)
4,680 x Seaweed (308,880)
720 x Astral rune (107,280)

Other requirements Outputs

6,084 x Molten glass (863,928)

Location Experience gained

Grand Exchange or bank chest recommended

34,000/h Magic icon
55,000/h Crafting icon

The Superglass Make lunar spell can instantly turn an inventory full of sand and seaweed into molten glass. On average, it will make 1.3 glass for every sand-seaweed pair, and without using mouse keys, one can cast it about 360 times an hour. Using mouse keys, the number of casts per hour may rise to up to 500. Withdraw 13 sand and 13 seaweed, close the bank, activate the spell, and wait for the animation to finish before banking the resulting glass and repeating.

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