Collecting swamp tar from the Lady Zay
23,400 per hour
Skill requirements


Item requirements


Quest requirements Inputs

Lunar Diplomacy started


Other requirements Outputs


1,800 x Swamp tar (23,400)

Location Experience gained


The Lady Zay has many barrels of swamp tar on its decks, which can be looted. Start out on Lunar Isle, and run to the docks and board the Lady Zay. Go down the stairs in the southern end of the ship, and you'll see four barrels of swamp tar. Go to one of them and start clicking on it until it's empty. Do the same for the other three barrels – the amount of tar varies between 1 and at least 15, but it'll average about three per barrel. Head back to the first barrel you looted, waiting for the tar to spawn again, and start the cycle over again. It takes about 22 seconds for the tar to respawn and is not dependent on the population of the world, so on average you'll get up to 1800 tar per hour with full concentration. The tar of course stacks, so you'll never have to bank. When you're finished, go to the Grand Exchange and sell the swamp tar, which shouldn't be too difficult as it's a high-volume item.

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