Killing Cerberus
Profit Cerberus
2,177,400 per hour
Skill requirements

91 Slayer-icon required
85+ Attack-iconStrength-iconDefence-icon recommended
70+ Prayer-icon recommended

Item requirements
Quest requirements Inputs


6 x Super combat potion (85,938)
30 x Prayer potion (269,790)
70 x Shark (46,480)

Other requirements Outputs

0.0684 x Primordial crystal (1,398,520)
0.0684 x Pegasian crystal (5,535)
0.0684 x Eternal crystal (191,842)
0.0684 x Smouldering stone (96,175)
Other loot (887,529)

Location Experience gained

24,150 Slayer-icon
128,800 Multicombat

This profit rate assumes 35 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed and luck. Note Cerberus can only be killed on a Slayer task.

See the Cerberus article and the strategy guide for additional information.

Cerberus is the only monster to drop Primordial crystals, Pegasian crystals, and Eternal crystals. These are required to make the three best-in-slot Melee, Ranged, and Magic items: Primordial boots, Pegasian boots, and Eternal boots. These rare (1/512 chance) yet valuable crystals (Primordial crystals are worth 20,458,355) make the average Cerberus kill worth 73,702. However, while average profit per hour may be high, actual profit per hour at Cerberus depends greatly on whether unique drops are received. Players may experience dry streaks of 10-20 hours without receiving a valuable crystal. If the player does not receive unique crystals, the average kill is worth only 25,357 and the baseline profit is much lower at about 485,321 per hour. For this reason, players seeking consistent profit often prefer to kill other bosses such as Zulrah.

Cerberus can only be killed while on a Slayer task. The best Slayer master to get Cerberus tasks from is Duradel who assigns tasks of 130-200 Hellhounds. It is strongly recommended players use Bracelets of slaughter to increase the length of their task.

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