Killing Zulrah
Profit Zulrah
1,981,800 per hour
Skill requirements

70+ Defence-icon recommended
75+ Ranged-icon recommended
75+ Magic-icon recommended
40+ Prayer-icon (45+ recommended for Eagle Eye and Mystic Might)

Item requirements

Magic and Ranged armour (Black d'hide/Armadyl armour, Mystic/Ahrim's robes or Void with ranged and mage helm recommended)
Ranged weapon (Toxic blowpipe or Armadyl crossbow recommended) and projectiles
Magic weapon (Trident of the swamp recommended or Seas) and casting runes
Some food (monkfish or shark recommended)
Combo food (Karambwan or Chocolate bomb highly recommended)
1 Anti-venom+
1 Ranging potion
1 Prayer potion
1 Magic potion or Imbued heart (optional)
1-2 Ring of recoils or Ring of suffering (ri)
1 Ring of dueling for Clan Wars teleport (optional)
Runes for Vengeance spell (recommended)

Quest requirements Inputs

Started Regicide

10 x Zul-andra teleport (118,860)
5 x Prayer potion (45,550)
5 x Ranging potion (9,120)
5 x Anti-venom+ (67,170)
10 x Ring of recoil (9,520)
100 x Monkfish (38,700)
50 x Adamant dart (7,100)
800 x Zulrah's scales (123,200)
2500 x Fire rune (12,500)
500 x Chaos rune (47,000)
500 x Death rune (106,500)

Other requirements Outputs

Fairy ring code BJS for access to Zul-Andra without using Zul-andra teleports (requires 76 Agility-icon and completion of Regicide)

4000 x Zulrah's scales (616,000)
0.039 x Tanzanite fang (120,044)
0.039 x Magic fang (120,146)
0.039 x Serpentine visage (119,948)
0.039 x Uncut onyx (112,969)

Location Experience gained

~40,000 Multicombat experience
~14,000 Hitpoints-icon experience

The profit rate assumes 20 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

Zulrah is a high level boss that requires relatively high combat stats and equipment to kill. Zulrah is commonly killed for its profitability due to its consistent drops averaging about 128,352 per kill. At higher levels, it is easily possible to get upwards of 24 kills per hour, at an average of two minutes per kill and approximately 30 seconds of banking, which in turn, increases gp per hour to about 3,080,467 (not including cost of supplies).

Typical gear includes the use of Void Knight equipment especially when ranging. Ahrim's robes prove to be better than Void mage due to Ahrim's higher magical accuracy. However, void mage will suffice and are recommended to those who wish to switch less between gear during the fight.

Basic strategy
  • When Zulrah is green, it attacks with Ranged, spreads toxic fumes over the area, and spawns snakelings who appear in the arena via white orbs. They have 1 Hitpoint but can deal heavy and accurate damage. Pray Protect from missiles overhead.
  • When Zulrah is turquoise, it attacks with Magic and Ranged, spreads toxic fumes, and spawns snakelings. Pray Protect from magic overhead.
  • When Zulrah is crimson, it attacks at the player's recent spot. If they are caught by the Melee attack, they will also be stunned. Prayer is not required when Zulrah is in his crimson form.
Towards the end of each attack pattern, Zulrah alternates between Magic and Ranged attacks (colloquially known as the Jad phase). Alternate between Protect from magic overhead and Protect from missiles overhead prayers.

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