Killing cows and tanning cowhide
Profit Killing cows
24,700 per hour
Skill requirements

20+ Multicombat recommended

Item requirements

Fast level 20+ equipment

Quest requirements Inputs

Prince Ali Rescue strongly recommended

325 coins

Other requirements Outputs


325 x Leather (25,025)

Location Experience gained

10,400 Multicombat experience
3,458 Hitpoints icon experience

Lumbridge cowfield

Cows are found here.

Level 2 cows in Lumbridge have 8 Hitpoints and always drop cowhide. Using any decent weapon, you are fairly likely to kill them in one hit. The cow field is located east of the River Lum in Lumbridge. Start killing the cows – they respawn very quickly. It is most efficient to kill one cow, then another, and then grab the first cow's hide. This is faster than waiting for the first one to die. Once you have 27 cowhide, travel to Ellis in north-western Al Kharid (completion of the Prince Ali Rescue quest is recommended so that players do not have to pay to travel between Lumbridge and Al Kharid), who will tan them into hard leather for 3 coins each. Run further south to the Al Kharid bank, bank the leather, run back to the cow field, and repeat.

Your weapon's attack speed will be the main factor determining your kills per hour – a level 20 player with a mithril scimitar will kill them nearly as fast as a player with high level equipment. You should be able to fairly consistently get over 300 cowhide (and thus hard leather) per hour.

For players who intend to use either Magic or Ranged, it is highly recommended to equip a weapon with decent accuracy that minimises ammunition use (e.g. air battlestaff, willow shortbow).

At times, it may be better to make soft leather instead – hard leather is worth 77, while soft leather is worth 77.

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