Killing disciples of Iban
Profit Well of voyage
470,200 per hour
Skill requirements

50+ Hitpoints-icon recommended
56 Agility-icon recommended

Item requirements
Quest requirements Inputs

Partial completion of Mourning's Ends Part I

2 x Ring of dueling(8) (1,786)

Other requirements Outputs


195 x Zamorak robe (top) (142,740)
210 x Zamorak robe (bottom) (305,760)

Location Experience gained

24,000 Multicombat experience
7,980 Hitpoints-icon experience

Isafdar map

A map of Tirannwn.

Disciples of Iban always drop both zamorak robe tops and bottoms. Because of this, they can be lucrative to kill.

To begin killing disciples, travel to Lletya by using a teleport crystal. Then run to the Underground Pass. On the way, you will most likely be poisoned. If you do not have over 50 Hitpoints, consider bringing antipoison.

The disciples are found close to the well of voyage, inside of the Underground Pass. Simply enter the well and exit the door from Iban's ruined throne room. The disciples are on the stone paths outside. Since there are not enough disciples to fill up an entire inventory with robes, switch worlds until you have done so. Consider filling up your final inventory space with a robe bottom, as it's worth more.

Then, teleport to Clan Wars using a ring of dueling. Bank your robes, go inside the Clan Wars portal to reset your stats and run energy, and repeat.

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