Killing ice troll runts
Profit Neitiznot
97,600 per hour
Skill requirements

60+ Attack-iconStrength-iconDefence-icon or Ranged-icon recommended
43+ Prayer-icon recommended

Item requirements

Strong Combat equipment
Fremennik round shield
Dwarf multicannon and cannonballs (optional)
Runes to cast High Level Alchemy (optional)
Rest lobsters or better

Quest requirements Inputs

24 x Lobster (2,424)

Other requirements Outputs

Dwarf Cannon required in order to use the Dwarf multicannon
55 Magic-icon to cast High Level Alchemy (optional)

~100,000 coins (various loot drops)

Location Experience gained

45,000 - 60,000 Multicombat experience

Killing ice troll runts is another good money-making method that is not very well known, and it only requires the completion of The Fremennik Trials and base 60 Melee stats, or around 60 Range although good Magic stats would probably be best since ice troll runts' weakness is fire spells. They are only level 74, but do not underestimate them as they can hit up to 15 damage accurately, even through good armour (similar to Verac the Defiled; however, they cannot hit through Prayer). The main reason it is suggested to kill them is because the Honour guards nearby will slaughter them, and if you land a single hit, you will recieve the drops, which consist of rune kiteshields, rune warhammers, and even the granite shield. There's a great cannon spot across the bridge north-east from the city by the nearby arctic pine tree. They also drop decent amounts of nature runes, law runes, and raw sharks as well as herbs and seeds, but the most notable ones are the grimy ranarr weed and the ranarr seed. Many items in their drop table such as coal and balls of wool drop as notes, which can be added up to make a decent profit as well. A whole inventory of their uncommon to rare drops can range from 70,000 to 700,000 coins or more depending on how lucky you are.

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