Making anchovy pizzas
Anchovy pizza Anchovy pizza Anchovy pizza Anchovy pizza
Plain pizza Plain pizza Plain pizza Plain pizza
Plain pizza Plain pizza Plain pizza Plain pizza
Plain pizza Plain pizza
Anchovies Anchovies
Anchovies Anchovies Anchovies Anchovies
Anchovies Anchovies Anchovies Anchovies
42,800 per hour
Skill requirements

55 Cooking-icon

Item requirements

100,000+ coins recommended

Quest requirements Inputs


2520 x Plain pizza (1,063,440)
2520x Anchovies (194,040)

Other requirements Outputs


2520 x Anchovy pizza (1,300,320)

Location Experience gained

98,280 Cooking-icon

Anchovy pizzas are the highest-healing food in free-to-play, and they are commonly used in combat situations where healing is essential. It is usually quite profitable to add anchovies to plain pizza, and it also gives a substantial amount of Cooking experience. Before attempting this in bulk, buy one of each ingredient, make a pizza, and make sure it is profitable.

Withdraw 14 anchovies and plain pizzas from the bank. Use one item on the other (being careful not to eat one of them), and a menu will pop up to make all of the pizzas. Each inventory of 14 pizzas can be made in 20 seconds, and up to 2,520 pizzas can be made in a single hour.

Unfortunately, plain pizzas have a buying limit of 1,000 every four hours, so only about 30 minutes' worth of pizza supplies can be bought at once. For this reason, it may be worthwhile to leave in an offer overnight for the plain pizzas.

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