Picking cactus spines
Profit per instance
Cactus patch
17,000 per instance
Activity time
1 minute
Minimum recurrence time
75 minutes
Effective profit
1,019,900 per hour
Skill requirements Quest requirements
55 Farming-icon None
Item requirements Other requirements
Amulet of glory or Ring of dueling Grown cactus in patch
Experience gained Inputs
75 Farming-icon None
Location Outputs
Al-Kharid 3 x Cactus spine (16,998)
Cactus spines can be picked from the cactus patch in Al-Kharid. They are used to pay farmers to care for yew trees. A new one spawns on the cactus every 25 minutes, for up to three total. To get to the patch, simply use an Amulet of glory or Ring of dueling to teleport to Al-Kharid. Pick the three spines, possibly noting them with the tool leprechaun, and then bank them. This method works well with other harvesting money-makers, such as picking papayas or coconuts. The 75-minute timer also makes it coincide well with herb-farming runs (which can be done every 90 minutes).

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