Pickpocketing H.A.M. Members
Profit H.A.M. Hideout
10,000 per hour
Skill requirements

15 Thieving-icon (20+ recommended)
Decent Hitpoints-icon and Agility-icon

Item requirements
Quest requirements Inputs



Other requirements Outputs

54 Hunter-icon recommended for Gloves of silence

~10,000 coins

Location Experience gained

5,550 - 27,750 Thieving-icon

Players can pickpocket female H.A.M. members at 15 Thieving and male H.A.M. members at 20 Thieving. The H.A.M. members in the north-east room are easily trapped between the bunk beds that line either side, but restricting their movement for too long will cause them to despawn like all other thievable NPCs. The only sought-after items from pickpocketing them are H.A.M. clothing and an easy clue scroll, which is believed to have a 1/50 chance and can be completed for rewards such as a piece of iron trimmed armour and god pages. Profit per hour varies widely, but in the long run, it is decent profit especially at higher levels.
Due to the low level required to begin pickpocketing H.A.M. members, failure rates are relatively low at high levels. This benefit is slightly countered by the fact that failing too often gives the player a chance to be kicked out of H.A.M. Dungeon and be required to travel back. Failure rates may be lowered either by wearing full H.A.M. robes or gloves of silence and/or an Ardougne cloak 3 (or 4). The full H.A.M. set includes gloves and a cape, so neither of the latter two may be used with it. Using an Ardougne cloak with the gloves of silence provides a greater decrease in failure rate than the full H.A.M. set. At levels above 70, players can expect to have around 1,500 successful pickpockets an hour.

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