Stealing from rogues' chests
Profit Rogues' Castle
394,200 per hour
Skill requirements

84 Thieving icon
43+ Prayer icon strongly recommended

Item requirements
Quest requirements Inputs


10 x Prayer potion (91,340)
8 x Monkfish (3,136)

Other requirements Outputs


~488,692 coins in loot

Location Experience gained

~176,400 Thieving icon

Wilderness Rogues' Chests are inside Rogues' Castle in Deep Wilderness. At 84 Thieving, looting them provides one of the most lucrative sources of income for high-level thieves if they can avoid a possible onslaught from the patrolling Chaos Elemental and survive the always-looming threat of a player killer. As always, players should not take anything they are not prepared to lose when it comes to the Wilderness.
After arriving, players should activate Protect from Melee and loot the chests since the rogues will become hostile after stealing from them. While looting, players need to keep an eye out for player killers and maneuver around the castle if in danger. Also, climbing the stairs and going up and down could help buy some time to log out.

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