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Monkey Madness II (#128)
Monkey Madness II - Fighting Glough's gorillas
Members only? Yes
Release date 6 May 2016 (Update)
Quest series Gnome, Monkey
Official difficulty Grandmaster
Developer Mod Jed, Ian Gower, Mod Ash,

Mod Maz, Mod Bond, Mod Ian

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Start point Quest Talk to King Narnode Shareen in the Grand Tree.
Official difficulty Grandmaster
Description Glough, the war criminal set on eradicating humans and overthrowing Gielinor, has escaped the watch of the Grand Tree gnomes.

With a history of leaving large-scale conflicts and warfare in his wake, Glough must be tracked down and stopped. King Narnode Shareen needs your help.

Length Very Long

No boosts allowed:

It is also beneficial to have a high Combat, Thieving, and Agility level.

Items required


Enemies to defeat

 Walkthrough Edit

Getting StartedEdit

Chapter IEdit

Items Required: Lemon, grapes, pestle and mortar, Translation book (if you kept it from The Grand Tree Quest), logs, no weapons or armour. Recommended: Magic logs.

  • Talk to King Narnode.
  • Go to Gloughs house southeast of the Grand Tree, then go upstairs via tree.
  • Investigate the tree and receive a handkerchief.
  • Talk to Anita in her house in the northwestern part of the gnome stronghold. (1-2)
  • Go to Glough's house again, go up the tree to the second floor, then climb again to reach the third floor.
  • Activate the gnome statue, and search everything to receive a book of spyology, brush, and mysterious note.
  • Use pestle and mortar on the lemon
  • Use notes on the candles
  • Use pestle and mortar on grapes
  • Use juice-coated brush on mysterious note.
  • Read the scrawled note.
  • Talk to King Narnode. Read the translation book he gives you.
  • Use translation book on the note, and talk to King Narnode again.
  • Talk to Anita again. (3)
  • Read the translated note.
  • Talk to the King again.
  • Talk to Assistant Lori next the hot air balloon beside Glough's house. (3)
  • Fly to Entrana via balloon and talk to Auguste. (1-1)
  • Return to the Gnome stronghold and talk to King Narnode again.

Chapter IIEdit

Items Required: Pickaxe, m'speak amulet, monkey talisman, ninja monkey greegree or ancient gorilla greegree, light source, slash weapon. Recommended: Food, antipoison, combat equipment, super combat,stamina, and prayer potions.

  • Go to Ape Atoll and talk to Garkor located outside Awowogei's house. (1-2)
  • Talk to Awowogei (2-1), then back to Garkor.
  • Go to the West side of the island and go up the hill to the Ninja Monkeys.
  • Talk to a Monkey Archer about Kruk
  • Follow the tracks (foot prints) that start at the foot of the hill until you reach a trapdoor.
  • Go down the trapdoor and go south.

Below is a map of Kruk's Dungeon. The correct path differs from player to player:

Kruk's Dungeon map
  • Navigate the maze via the agility path to the east or the tank pathway to the south until you find a chest with a bronze key (agility path) or a combat scratched key (tank pathway) inside of it.
  • Go through the bronze door in the area and continue to navigate to find Kruk. Before you cross the dodgy ground into Kruk's room, investigate the wall to reveal a shortcut you can use to return.
  • Kill Kruk (fight is instanced) and pick up Kruk's paw
  • Go to Zooknock and make a Kruk monkey greegree out of Kruk's paw. Keep this and use it whenever on Ape Atoll from this point onwards.
  • Talk to Awowogei.
  • Talk to Garkor.

Chapter IIIEdit

Items required: exactly 20gp (more will not work), m'speak amulet, Kruk greegree, weapon and armour. Recommended: Ape Atoll teleport, Trollheim teleport, ring of dueling, food

  • Teleport to Trollheim and enter the Troll Stronghold.
  • Go southwest of the entrance and talk to Kob. (1-1-1)
  • Fight Kob until he gives up. Talk to him again.
  • Make your way to Gu'Tanoth. Follow the western path to the end until you see Keef.
  • Talk to Keef (1-2-1) and fight him until he gives up.
  • Talk to Garkor.
  • Find and talk to Assistant Le Smith (1-2-1-1) somewhere on the rooftops of Ape Atoll buildings. His location varies as follows.
    • Top floor of the jail
    • On top of the main gate.
    • Top floor of the building west of the rune stall.
    • Top floor of the broken building next to the Monkey Child and aunt.
  • Talk to Garkor.
  • Go to the west side of the island and talk to the monkey guard (1-1-2) next to a boat to go to the airship platform.
  • Navigate your way through the maze without being caught by the ninja monkeys. You will need to pick up 6 satchels, fill them with explosives, then use them in 6 different locations. Platform map and locations can be found here.
    • Make your way to the east wall of the ground floor where there is a ladder. Ignore the first ladder on the north side for now.
    • Go south then west and climb down the ladder. Navigate to the end and pick up 6 satchels.
    • Go back to the first ladder of the ground floor on the north wall and climb it.
    • Climb down the next ladder you find. Follow the path North to reach the explosives.
    • Fill all 6 explosives. If you get caught from this point on, you will need to come back here to fill your satchels again.
    • Climb back up the ladder and go south. Use a satchel on the weakened floorboards.
    • Go back to the ground floor using the ladder on the north wall.
    • Go south and place a satchel on the support beams to the east.
    • Take the ladder on the east side of the ground floor.
    • Take the west path, cross the vines, then take the north route at the fork to the end. Place a satchel on the weakened floorboards there.
    • Go back to the ladder on the middle floor and climb up to the top floor. Go south and place a satchel on the gas container, then go north and place another satchel on the gas container there.
    • Make your way to the ground floor and go back towards the boat. Place a satchel on the support beams found in the west fork near the entrance.
  • Go back to the boat, you can get caught to make it faster.
  • Talk to Garkor.
  • Enter the trapdoor to the dungeon you fought Kruk in.
  • Go north to find monkey bars. Equip your Kruk greegree and use the monkey bars.
  • Enter the passage into Glough's laboratory.
  • Climb on the stunted demonic gorilla and go down the stairs.
  • Kill the gorillas.
  • Search the boxes if you need a chisel and hammer.
  • Go upstairs and tamper with the device.
  • Use the chisel on the charged onyx, then use the deconstructed onyx on the device.
  • Investigate an incubation chamber.
  • Talk to Garkor.
  • Talk to Awowogei.
  • Talk to Garkor Again.

Chapter IVEdit

  • Talk to King Narnode in the Gnome Stronghold.
  • Go talk to Nieve and ask for her help.
  • Find and kill 4 tortured gorillas until Nieve notifies you to find Garkor.

Chapter VEdit

  • Gear up with 2 attack styles and go northwest of the Grand Tree to Garkor.
  • Talk to Garkor and leave the gnome stronghold.
  • Go northeast and enter the cave. This cave is instanced.
  • Follow the path to Glough.
  • Kill the 2 tortured gorillas and 2 demonic gorillas. It's recommended to kill one tortured gorilla, then the Demonic gorilla that jumps down. Then proceed to kill the other tortured gorilla and demonic gorilla.
  • Go to the next room and attack Glough until he moves on to the next room. He can be safespotted in this first room.
  • In this second room, lure Glough back to the first room and hug the north wall two squares past the divot to safe spot him with ranged/magic (because praying ranged does not protect you) until he moves on to the next room.
  • In the final room, kill Glough. It is recommended to use protect from melee if you're close to Glough and protect from magic if you're at a distance. He will try to push/pull you depending on your location.
  • Talk to Zoonock, he will teleport you to the king.
  • Talk to King Narnode.


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