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Details Edit

Start point Quest Speak to Brother Omad at the Monastery south of Ardougne.
Official difficulty Novice
Description A monk's child has had their blanket stolen. Find the thieves' den and return the blanket, then help Brother Omad organize the drinks for the child's birthday party.
Length Short
Requirements The ability to run past level 14 Thieves, along with a level 26 one.
Items required 1 Jug of water and Logs (regular)
Enemies to defeat None


  • Talk to Brother Omad at the monastery south of Ardougne (options 1,1).
  • Head directly west of the monastery to find a perfect stone circle, enter it and a ladder will appear. Go down it.
  • Follow the south path and pick the Child's Blanket up.
  • Return to Brother Omad and talk to him twice (options 1,2).
  • Directly south of the camel pen, talk to Brother Cedric, talk to him again (option 2), and finally talk to him one last time.
  • Return to Brother Omad.
  • Quest complete!

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