Monster is the official term referring to an attackable being that is not controlled by a player. A monster can range from a Woman to a Mithril dragon. It should not be confused with its other meaning, "an unintelligible, frightening, or strange creature that is rare or non-existent in real life", though many of RuneScape's monsters do fit this description. Monsters are often fought for training, entertainment, and loot. Killing monsters is one of the most popular activities in RuneScape (see Monster killing).

While some monsters will never begin a fight with a player, many high level creatures are aggressive, potentially causing unwanted death. If a player has over double the combat level of the monster, the monster will be docile, and will only attack when provoked, even if it would normally be aggressive. However, in areas such as the Wilderness, most monsters are always aggressive to all players regardless of level. As a general note, humanoids tend to be docile, unless their name or image implies malice (i.e. black knight, zombie).

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