The Monster attack speed of a monster determines the rate of attack of a monster in certain situations. This is a factor which balances the attacking power of a monster.

The speeds of monsters are represented by a bar on which there are several possible values ranging from 7 (fastest) to 1 (slowest). The bar is separated into ten squares of lightening shades of blue. The value represents the number of squares shown, with 10 displaying a full bar and 0 displaying an empty bar. The delay time in seconds between each attack is equal to 6 - 0.6*(Speed Value).

Monster attack speed-random
Attack Speeds of Various Weapon Types
Speed Image Monsters Notes
Monster attack speed 10 None No monster hits with this speed.
Monster attack speed 9 Scarab swarm Hits low, but often, and can poison.
Monster attack speed 8 Killerwatt Both melee and range.
Monster attack speed 7 Flesh Crawler Fleshcrawlers only hit 1s.
Monster attack speed 6 Most bare-handed monsters, including bare-handed human Most of them, if not all, use melee attacks.
Monster attack speed 5 Wizards and dark variation, humans holding weapons with attack speed 5, zombies holding weapon, dwarfs, Wizards attack slower if hit from far away, but players casting magic far away will not slow down.
Monster attack speed 4 Giants, humans wielding crossbows (To be filled)
Monster attack speed 3 White Knight They hit with two-handed swords.
Monster attack speed 2 None No monster hits with this speed.
Monster attack speed 1 None No monster hits with this speed.
Monster attack speed 0 Scarab mage Hits slowly but hard and accurately.
Monster attack speed-random Elvarg, Melzar the Mad, Monk of Zamorak These monsters hit with varied speed.All of them have two types of attack style, All the melee attacks of these monster have attack speed of 6, while ranged and magic are 5.

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