Mount Quidamortem
Location on World Map
Xeric's Shrine
Unknown Mount Quidamortem Lizardman Settlement
Kingdom of Varlamore
Mount Quidamortem map

A map of Mount Quidamortem.

Mount Quidamortem is located at the south-west tip of Zeah and west of Shayzien and the Lizardman Settlement. Underneath Mount Quidamortem are the Chambers of Xeric, which serves as the staging ground for raids. Players can also fish for leaping fish to the south.

Getting thereEdit

It can be quickly accessed via the mine cart system with the Lovakengj House, but the player needs to bring a mine control scroll from Miriam to Stuliette in addition to having at least 65% Lovakengj favour to use the mine carts.

Otherwise, the player will need to traverse from the Shayziens' Wall and run westward until they reach the mountain. A form of poison protection should be taken as there are aggressive Lizardmen of all types patrolling the east side of the mountain. Just before the mountain base, there should be some big frogs and goblins wandering the area. At the base of the mountain will be some mountain troll settlements and a large group of rock crabs.

When you reach the staging grounds, find the Mountain Guide, and speak with him to unlock a two-way travel point between the mountain and the wall. This will save a lot of time when you want to return to the mountain.

Once players receive an ancient tablet as a reward from the Chambers of Xeric, they are able to use it on Xeric's talisman to instantly teleport to the mountain.




  • The name of the mountain, Quidamortem, is a contraction of the Latin words quidam and mortem, meaning "certain death".

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