Mountain goat
Mountain goat
Release date 5 October 2004 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Goat
Quest NPC? No
Location Death Plateau, Troll kitchen, Trollheim
Sells items? No
Gender Varies
This beast doesn't need climbing boots.

Mountain goats are animals that can be in the mountains around Troll Country, specifically the top of Trollheim, the cliff overlooking Death Plateau, Jokul's pen at the Mountain Camp, and inside a cage in the Troll kitchen ready to be cooked, although Burntmeat the troll cook prefers to cook humans if he gets the chance.

Eadgar (who lives in the cave on top of Trollheim) turns them into goat stew, if a player gives him some logs for his fire; he will give them some stew which heals 20 hitpoints.

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