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This is the quick guide for Mourning's Ends Part II.
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Mourning's Ends Part II (#89)
Mourning's Ends Part II
Also called? MEP2
Members only? Yes
Release date 17 October 2005 (Update)
Quest series Elf
Official difficulty Master
Developer Dylan C, Graham B
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Start point Quest point icon Speak to Arianwyn in Lletya.
Official difficulty Master
Description This chapter of the quest takes our hero deep under the mountains of Arandar to put a stop to the evil plans of the mourners.

If our hero is to succeed, they must solve one of the most complicated puzzles in all of Gielinor.

Length Very Long


  • 60+ Agility icon Agility for lesser chances of failing obstacles (91 to never fail [1])
Items required


Enemies to defeat None (but powerful level 73 Shadows are aggressive to players inside the temple)


Entering the temple

Items required: Full mourner gear, chisel
Recommended: Elf teleport crystal, teleport to Ardougne, food/prayer potions to run past high level monsters

  • Talk to Arianwyn in Lletya.
  • Wearing your mourner gear, talk to the head mourner under the hideout in West Ardougne.
  • Run west through the cave, keep going until you find the dead bodies.
  • Search a guard corpse for a colour wheel.
  • Head west and climb the staircase.
  • Run to the south wall and climb the ladder.
  • Run north, then to the staircase northwest, go down, then immediately up the next set.
  • Run east, then south to the black crystal. Use your chisel to chip off a piece.
  • Return to Arianwyn.
  • Use the crystal on Eluned (right next to Arianwyn).
  • Speak to her again for a new crystal (don't bank the crystal).
  • Talk to Arianwyn again.

The light puzzles

Items required: Full mourner gear, the new key, rope. If you're planning to complete the puzzles in a single trip, bring a death talisman/death tiara and the newly made crystal too.
Recommended equipment: Weight-reducing clothing, high prayer bonus gear
Recommended items: Prayer potions, stamina potions, food, summer pies/agility potions

Blue door

  • Return to the temple with the required items and a weapon as the Shadows will interrupt the mirror interface.
  • Ascend the stairs.
  • If there is a beam coming out of the Pillar of Light, search it and take the mirror.
  • Pull the crystal collector on the eastern wall.
  • Collect all 5 items from the collector.
  • Use a mirror on the nearby pillar. Make sure the light is pointing north.
  • Use a mirror on the north pillar, rotate to point the light west.
  • Use a mirror on the closest west pillar, point it south.
  • Go south, use your yellow crystal on the next pillar.
  • Use a mirror on the south pillar, point it east.
  • Use your Agility boosts now. Climb the wall support to your east on the south wall and enter the door and loot the chest. You may fail this a few times. Keep trying until you make it across. You will need to cross the handholds later during the Magenta/Yellow door section, so save your agility boost.

Magenta door

  • WARNING: DO NOT destroy any of the crystals or you will have to repeat the steps to re-obtain them.
  • Pull and collect from the collector.
  • Reflect the light north.
  • Then reflect west.
  • Then add the yellow crystal.
  • Then reflect north.
  • Then reflect east.
  • Add the cyan crystal. (Note: This is the only door you'll need the cyan crystal for, so on the other doors, you can destroy it to conserve inventory space)
  • Pass the door and loot the chest.

Cyan door

  • Pull and collect from the collector.
  • Reflect the light north.
  • Reflect the light downwards (south).
  • Descend the stairs then reflect the light west.
  • Reflect the light north.
  • Run around to the north pillar - reflect the light up.
  • Go back upstairs and use the yellow crystal on the pillar.
  • Climb the ladder directly north.
  • Reflect the light west.
  • Go back down, run all the way south, and up the ladder.
  • Run to the north west corner.
  • Reflect the light south.
  • Run to the south west corner, reflect the light down (south).
  • Climb back down using the ladder on the south wall.
  • There is a small room slightly north west of the ladder, climb into it and use your rope on the rock.
  • Climb down, through the door and loot the chest.

Yellow door

Note: Do not reset the system or you will have to repeat the previous steps.

  • Take the yellow crystal from the middle floor's north wall.
  • Use the blue on it instead.
  • Run to the south ladder, climb it, then run to the north west corner again.
  • Reflect the light down (largest part of the mirror should point east).
  • Decend the southern ladder again.
  • Decend the stairs next to the collector.
  • Run to the north west corner, through the door.
  • Reflect the light south then search the chest at the dead end.

Magenta and yellow doors

  • Pull the lever and collect everything at the collector.
  • Reflect the light north.
  • Reflect the light west.
  • Reflect the light south.
  • Place the yellow crystal.
  • Reflect the light east.
  • Use your agility boosts now and cross the handholds. You can discard agility boosts after this.
  • Use the blue crystal inside and recross the handholds.
  • Retrieve the mirror next to the handholds.
  • Take the yellow crystal and run to the next north pillar.
  • Reflect the light up.
  • Climb the south ladder.
  • Use a mirror on the pillar where the light is meant to come up. Reflect it south.
  • Run south and add your fractured crystal. (not all the way south)
  • Run to the west pillar, reflect it down (large side pointing east).
  • Go to the ground floor (take the south ladder, then the stairs). Head southwest to the green light dropping down.
  • Reflect the light south.
  • Reflect the light east.
  • Go back to the fractured crystal.
  • Follow the light south, reflect the light east.
  • Reflect the light down (large side pointing west).
  • Ground floor, south east corner, pass through the door.
  • Reflect the light north.
  • Loot the chest.

Cyan and black doors

  • Pull the lever and collect everything at the collector.
  • Reflect the light north.
  • Reflect the light down. (large side pointing south).
  • Go downstairs, reflect the light west.
  • Place a fractured crystal (If 4 light beams don't appear, try the other one).
  • Run south, and place another fractured crystal.
  • Run west, reflect the light up.
  • Go to the top floor.
  • Run north 1, then run west 1.
  • Reflect the green beam west. (It should become visible).
  • Go to the ground floor.
  • Add a mirror to the pillar south east of the stairs, point it up.
  • Go to the top floor.
  • South of the black crystal, add a mirror and shine it west.
  • Reflect the light north.
  • Reflect the light west.
  • Place your blue crystal.
  • Go to the ground floor, northern wall where the light is.
  • Reflect the light up.
  • Go to the middle floor, north wall, add the yellow crystal.
  • Climb up the nearby ladder and reflect the yellow west.
  • Go back down, then climb the southern ladder.
  • Run to the north west corner, reflect the red south.
  • Reflect the light east.
  • Climb down the stairs in the middle of the room.
  • Rotate the mirror past the cyan door to point west.

Finishing up

  • Pass through the white door.

If you do not have a death talisman/tiara, read the full quest guide for what to do next. Do not lock yourself out by teleporting. If you accidentally teleport out, you can go through a passage in the south-west of the Underground pass area (Near Lletya) near the dwarves (Where you get the Klank's gauntlets). This makes it so you don't have to reset the puzzle.

  • Enter the death ruins.
  • Use the newly made crystal on the altar.
  • Use the crystal on the black crystal (top floor).
  • Talk to Arianwyn.
  • Quest complete!



Mourning's Ends Part II reward scroll