A Mysterious statue is a large stone statue with a giant monkey head and whiskers. There are 6 statues in total, and are used during the Holy Grail quest to triangulate the entrance to the realm of the Fisher King.

Mysterious statue

Locations Edit

Location Faces Details
Seers' Village 10° 18' north, 9° 22' east South In the patch between the bank, the Estate agent and Camelot.
Fishing Guild 6° 28' north, 5° 33' east South-east South of the Guild, and south-west of the nearby mill.
Tower of Life 2° 15' north, 6° 31' east East Right north of the tower, west of the fairy ring.
Brimhaven 0° 19' north, 9° 29' east North West of the POH portal
Port Sarim 1° 46' north, 17° 31' east West Just west of Gerrant's fishing shop.
Taverley 8° 18' north, 15° 11' east South-west South-west of the tree farming patch and east of the Herblore shop.

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