Mystic air staff Mystic water staff Mystic earth staff Mystic fire staff Mystic lava staff Mystic mud staff Mystic steam staff Mystic smoke staff Mystic mist staff Mystic dust staff
Primary type Magical
Secondary type Crush
Speed Monster attack speed 5

Mystic staves are combined melee and magical weapons which can be used in combat and in spell casting. Their strongest style of melee attack is crushing, although they also confer defensive bonuses. Mystic staves require level 40 attack and magic to wield.

To create a mystic staff, a player must take a battlestaff to Thormac and pay him 40,000 coins to upgrade it, 30,000 if the player has completed the hard Kandarin Diary, and 20,000 if the player has completed the elite Kandarin Diary. Note that mystic staves only have superior melee attack bonuses, and their magic bonuses remain the same as a battlestaff. On top of their melee capabilities, Mystic staves allow the wielder to autocast spells and also provide an unlimited supply of runes according to their name (i.e. a Mystic fire staff replaces the need for fire runes when it is equipped).

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